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Alternate Scene 3 for UST - Chapter 2

Title: Ust - Alternate Chapter 2, Scene 3
Fandom: X-Men (Movieverse)
Characters: Pyro, Rogue
Parring: Pyro/Rogue
Author: litcoffee                  
Word Count: 556
Rating: M
Notes: This is a replacement scene for the scene three included in UST - Chapter 1.

She'd left him sleeping in their bed. He'd be upset when he woke up and found her missing. He wouldn't do anything about it though.

No harm, no foul.

She walked down the street in her favorite red pumps and that little black dress of hers. She'd left her coat behind, wanting to feel the chill of the midnight winds hit her skin. It made her feel real.

More real then ever before.

She went dancing that night and it was in that dress that she slipped into some cheap bar on the other side of town, right on the outskirts of some farm boy city with a name that must have ended in ville.

Had she not gotten drunk that night, and had he not been in the same condition... had she not stumbled into that bar, and had this not been one of the two days he went to that very bar to pick up some cheap slut for a good lay... had he not seen her... had he not approached her...

... they probably wouldn't have slept together.

Oh, well. It was too late now.

She kicked off her heels, not caring as the hit the wall, and immediately after, she reached out for him.

Their lips touched and that familiar spark came between them. It was feverish – their kiss. Tongues battled in the now mutual space and their lips smashed together. Her hands went to that familiar spot where his hair began on his neck. He had a hand on the side of her face, caressing her cheek and the other was not in the usual spot of her waist, where he used to keep it in order to make sure it didn't travel elsewhere.

This time, he didn't care.

He tugged at the bottom of that black dress of hers, feeling the soft, silky fabric between his fingers. He pushed the dress' skirt up her thighs, over her her belly button, and when it he realized it wouldn't come off completely unless they unattached themselves, he began to move her to the bed. He placed her on top of the hard mattress carefully, and slipped the fabric off, revealing her porcelain skin, hidden only by an emerald bra and matching panties.

He dragged his hands up her body, his darker complexion looking perfect against hers. He brought his lips back against hers and this time, the kiss was soft, slow and tender. She welcomed it.

She looked down at his calm, sleeping form and hoped to god that he wouldn't wake as she got out of his bed.

His chest fell and rose, and she knew she would be done for soon if she didn't slip on her dress a little quicker. She found her shoes and ran out the door before even putting them on. She was out in the hall when he woke and instinctively reached for her. She was outside his building, hailing a cab, when he opened opened his eyes and frowned at the emptiness opposite him in his bed. She was already half way home when he dragged himself out of bed, not bothering to put on his boxers, to start the coffee maker.

By the time he poured his coffee and made his way back between those off-white yellowish sheets, she was already kissing Bobby.

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