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Xenia Bethan

My Scars, Your Scars

Title: My Scars, Your Scars
Fandom: X-Men (Movieverse)
Characters: Pyro, Rogue, Iceman
Parring: Pyro/Rogue hints and undertones
Author: litcoffee 
Word Count: 1295
Rating: PG-13

She eyed him, from head to toe, curious and unsure. Should she trust him? He wasn’t exactly the harmless type after all and she knew that glint in his eyes. He was here for a reason… and he had a plan.

Marie?” he said, his voice both questioning and mocking, and of course, full of his patented anger. “That’s what you go by now, am I right?”

She stood silent, strong and still.

It’s my name.” She said simply.

He didn’t like that answer.

And I assume you go by Pyro now.”

He snorted, she glared and suddenly, they both remembered that they used to be friends.

He shifted his weight a bit, feeling awkward. She sucked in a breath, feeling a pressure settle on her chest.

It was still a sore subject to the both of them.

What are you doing here?” She forced out, her voice light and breathy despite the evident venom in it. “What do you want?”

She was glaring a little harder, more to remind herself that they weren’t friends than to remind him that they were enemies.

Unfortunately, he read that backwards.

Why should I tell you?” He responded.

Why should I let you get out of here alive?”

The steadiness in her voice, and her cold and calm posture would make anyone believe she’d make good on her threat, but he wasn’t anyone, and logic said different.

What makes you think you could kill me?”

Subdue is the term I prefer.” Her lips moved slowly, deliberately, and if they had still been friends, he’d laugh, being unable to resist the humor. She looked like she was scolding a child, a child that she didn’t particularly like, but a child still and it was funny.

But they weren’t friends, and all he did was throw her a condescending smirk.

And what makes you think I can’t?” she finished, crossing her arms over her chest.

He snorted again, and she glared at him harder than before, and this time, they remembered that they were enemies.

His face hardened, her body tensed and they got into fighting position.

And then, the door opened.

Bobby.” She said, lowering her arms but look looking away.

Their eyes were locked. Bobby was standing off to the side, falling into a defensive stance. It was an intimate moment, not just between the two but between all three.

And when Pyro’s eyes moved slightly to the left, his eyes changed, his body seemed to emit a more menacing aura, and she realized something.

They may be enemies, Pyro and her, but they were still friends.

Stop.” she said, barely above a whisper. Neither of the boys seemed to hear her. Still, she was sure that they had.

Bobby’s left foot slid back a bit and his right hand twitched slightly.

And she knew what had just happened, even if John didn’t (though he probably remembered). Bobby’s stance was ready to go from defense to offense in seconds.

Stop.” She said, a little louder. Still, they either didn’t hear her or ignored her.

She felt the temperature fall.

She turned her eyes to Bobby. “Bobby, please!”

And as she said ‘please’, she felt another drop. He was warning her.

John.” The words came out of her mouth before she could think, and once they did, all she did was hope.

And he ignited a flame in his palm.

Nice, John!”

The flame flickered, and then seemed blaze brighter.

It was hopeless. They hated each other and they were out for blood, and now that he had an excuse, Bobby would fight full out, trying to kill him...

...and with Bobby fighting full out, John would more than willingly put her former boyfriend to death.

Her gaze switched between the two boys- no, men, whom she had once affectionately called her boyfriend and her best friend. Now, neither still held their title. Bobby had cheated, and John had left.

And she was no longer friends with either.

So, she set her gaze upon the man before her who's betrayal stung less and hoped he would listen.

John.” she said simply, using his old name, the one she knew he long since abandoned, the one that belonged to her best friend. “You have to stop this.”

He didn't answer immediately, and the truth be told, she had expected him to ignore her completely or warn her in a manner that could be compared to Bobby's.

Instead, she got a low and seemingly hateful chuckle. She could almost feel his throat vibrate against her skin, and it sent chills down her spine.

He stood still, his eyes still laughing, for a few seconds more, before lowering his hand and smoldering the flames. Still, she knew he could attack quickly. This was a very sensitive situation.

I thought you wanted me subdued.”

He didn't turn to her, eyes locked with Bobby's, but she knew he was giving her the upper hand.

What she couldn't figure out was why.

And for the life of her she wouldn't have expected Bobby to attack right then and there.

It was a sensitive situation indeed.

The air around her became humid, and she couldn't breathe despite herself. She wanted to fling herself between them and hope to God it'd be enough to stop the two men before her. She would have too, if there had been any sign that it might actually work. Unfortunately for her, all the signs seem to read the opposite.

She ran away, running right past Bobby and screamed at the top of her lungs when he fell, unable to hold back the flames.

And her screams seem to fuel the man whom at the moment she could only think to call Pyro.

Because this wasn't John.

It couldn't be.

And then it stopped, everything seemed to freeze. The flames grew larger, burned brighter and then, with a wink that she failed to notice, it all stopped.

The flames disappeared. The boy- yes, boy, at her feet coughed slightly, but looked unharmed.

And John was back, smirk in place.

And then time seemed to move again. Bobby rose from the floor, about to strike again. John retreated, letting Pyro take over, and that stupid smirk turning into a solemn and serious scowl.

And her heart beat quickened as the panic returned.

And for the first time in ages, she felt scared and alone. For the first time in ages, she felt small and insignificant.

And for the first time ever, she wished she had her curse.

And when she grabbed on to Bobby's wrists, trying to divert what was inevitable, her wish came true.

And he fell, she fell and everything seemed to reach it's end.

This time, it was Pyro wearing that smirk that she used to think was individual to John, and when Bobby fell unconscious, and she began fighting to suppress the memories, the feelings... everything that was Bobby, he grabbed her, easily dragging her small frame out of the mansion, keeping her screams muffled with a now gloved hand on her mouth.

And by the time she regained composure, she knew it was all over for her.

She was in the base, their base.

And she would know what it was like not to be rescued or sought after.

Because, much like John had been when he'd left, she was unaccepted now and had no real friends. No one to save her and no one who cared enough to try.

Because her boyfriend was now her ex, and her best friend had been the one to take her, and somehow, she knew that this had been his plan.

To break her, punish her and never let her heal.

My scars are your scars, your scars are mine.

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